Title and Abstract


Development of An AM Transceiver Radio


Radios have been used by a lot of people for the ease of communication from long distances. In our current society, radios not only form as a form of communication but also a form of entertainment. We have made a radio in our school, School of Science and Technology, where we are keen to test out the transceiver radios ourselves. To evaluate the ability of our radio, we measured its ability to transmit and receiving signals over a course of 100m under rain and sunshine. There was evidence in the development that it was able to transmit clear signals which would improve our communication between two people greatly. Based on the experiment we conducted, signals were able to be transmitted however, verbal messages could not be recorded. We also found that weather (in this case wet and dry) does not affect the experiment. Also, we found that altitude (terrain) could affect the experiment.Merits and limitations of the method are also discussed as well as potential directions for future research are highlighted. Our AM Transceiver Radio can be applied in a real life context where communication/passing of signals in cases of emergency could take place. It can also be used to communicate between two people when they are at two different ends of a hall for say, such that they need not need to scream to each other to communicate/signal each other.


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